The City of Buckeye is planning the future of its Parks and Recreation system over the next 10 years and is looking for your input on how to develop Buckeye. 


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Events, public meetings, and other participation opportunities will be posted here as the project progresses.
A summary of each event will also be posted here.

April 18, 2024

Public Meeting | Thursday | 6 p.m. | Buckeye City Hall, 530 E. Monroe Avenue

April 23, 2024

Public Meeting | Tuesday | 6 p.m. | Tartesso Fire Station 705, 30050 W. Tartesso Parkway

April 24, 2024

Public Meeting | Wednesday | 5 p.m. | Festival Fire Station 704, 27360 W. Wagner Complex Drive

April 30, 2024

Public Meeting | Tuesday | 6 p.m. | Coyote Library, 21699 W. Yuma Road, Suite 116

May 1, 2024

Public Meeting | Wednesday | 6 p.m. | Verrado Center on Main Street, 4239 N. Village Street


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A long-range plan that identifies key initiatives, policies, and implementation strategies to guide Buckeye’s parks and recreation projects and services over the next 10+ years.

The plan will provide a roadmap for the City to prioritize projects and funding, develop and improve parks and recreation programs, and create a vision for the future. Strategic recommendations and short- and long-term goals will be identified in the plan for the Community Services Department to work towards implementing.

The process will kick off in February 2024. There will be surveys, outreach events, and multiple opportunities to get involved and help shape Buckeye’s parks and recreation system. The goal is to complete the plan by end of 2024 with Council adoption. Implementing the goals and recommendations will occur thereafter.

  • By engaging the public through a master planning process, we will ensure future parks and recreation priorities and goals are citizen-driven and meet the evolving demands of our community for the next 10+ years.
  • The master plan will outline projects and priorities to improve existing Parks and Recreation services, amenities, and open spaces and identify unmet community needs.

The Parks and Recreation Master Plan will not impact existing HOA parks. The Plan will, however, provide policies and guidelines for the development of new City parks (owned and operated by the City) and new HOA parks (built by the developer and owned and operated by HOAs). These guidelines and policies relate to the provision of parks for size, amenities, location, trail connections, etc.

  • Visit the Participation tab on the master plan website to complete our online survey, comment on an interactive map, and more.
  • Attend an upcoming community workshop.
  • Connect with us at community events.
  • Sign up for email updates on the plan and be notified about additional opportunities for input.


The purpose of the Parks and Recreation Master Plan is to offer strategies and operational policies that provide guidance to meet the needs of current and future City of Buckeye residents.

A consistent theme throughout the development of this plan is the City’s commitment to a quality parks and recreation system that delivers high-quality parks, trails, open spaces, recreation programs, facilities, and events for all residents.

To carry out this mission, the plan will be organized around the following goals:

Create a comprehensive and compelling vision and direction for Parks and Recreation

Gain understanding of current and desired levels of service and facilities to show more equitable distribution of services and opportunity

Propose various approaches for accommodating growth while keeping the fiscal picture in balance

Understand potential partnership opportunities and funding options

Strategically identify gaps and prioritize future improvements and programming for Parks and Recreation

Evaluate operations and maintenance practices with an aim to generate long-term sustainability and resilience benefits


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Project Introduction Overview

Needs Assessment

Technical Assessments

Implementation Plan

Systemwide Master Plan Development


What ideas would you like the team to consider for future Buckeye parks and recreation planning?

Community input is a key component to developing a comprehensive parks system plan. Share your input with the team using the form.

For information, please call 623-349-6350.

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